Freediving Clinic July 9th

Freediving Clinic July 9th

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Have you ever wondered how some individuals can reach depths in excess of 100 feet using only the air in their lungs? Have you ever said to yourself "There must be something more to this...?"

Well, there is something more! Prepare to be re-introduced to the ocean as you know it with Wallin's Modern Freediving and Spearfishing Techniques class, taught by well-known freediver David Laird. In one day, with step-by-step instruction, and actual underwater practice in our heated pool, you will learn to become a better freediver.

Breathing techniques, conservation of movement, streamlining, and the physics of freediving will all be covered during this action packed 1-day class, as well as safety procedures, correct weighting, equipment, and hunting methods.

Pool Clinic Tuition: $125 + Level 1 Online Training Program ($90)

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