PADI Open Water Course Academics and Pool with online eLearning

PADI Open Water Course Academics and Pool with online eLearning

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PADI Open Water Academics and Pool Training with eLearning (online course) including all major pieces of scuba gear. Choose a date from the drop down box or shoose "Decide Later" if you aren't sure which dates you want yet. 

Please reply to our training coordinator with each students email, full name and date of birth so we can email you your PADI eLearning passcode. In addition, please include each students height, weight, and shoe size.

All class dates are still available unless noted. 

Unlike many schools, all major pieces of scuba gear are provided during your course. Each student will also need personal gear (Mask, snorkel, fins, and bootie and if you plan on doing your dives in the temperate water of Monterey or Lake Tahoe, 3mm) Personal gear will be sized and fitted the morning of class. Basic Packaged start at $180. It is highly recommended you do not borrow or purchase personal gear off the internet. This is part of your life support system now and should be fitted by a dive professional. Cheap snorkeling gear simply will not do.

Be sure to allow yourself enough time before class to complete the eLearning. It is several hours of study. Once complete, print out the exam results and bring them with you to the first class meeting.

Click here for the PADI medical questionnaire to make sure you have no "Yes" answers. If you do, you will need to print out the form and have a doctor sign you off before participating in any diving activities. If they are all "No" answers, you do not need to do anything. We will have a short form for you the day of class.

This course only covers academics and pool training. It does not include the open water "check out" dives. You will need to add that as a separate item if you wish to complete the open water dives with us in Monterey. Just pick any available date after the end of this course. We generally travel to Monterey once a month to complete the "check out" dives.