PADI Open Water Course academics and pool training. (Referral)

PADI Open Water Course academics and pool training. (Referral)

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This product consists of the PADI Open Water Course book/video independent study academics method, (see below for eLearning option) pool training, and major pieces of rental gear. Students will arrange their own open water dives elsewhere with an instructor or dive shop at a destination of their choosing. 

Academics may be completed via book and video at no additional cost or they may be completed online via PADI eLearning which can be purchased by selecting the option at checkout. ELearners will take their exams online which avoids the need for an extra trip into the shop before the pool sessions. Students doing the traditional book/video method will need to arrange a time to meet an instructor at the dive center in order to have their homework (i.e. knowledge reviews) corrected and sit for the exams, about a 2 hour process. 

Each student will need their own personal gear (Mask, snorkel, fins, and booties and if you plan on doing your dives in the temperate water of Folsom Lake in the Winter/Spring, Monterey or Lake Tahoe, 3mm gloves). Come into our dive center to be professionally fitted for mask, snorkel, fins and boots.

Personal gear starts at approximately $250. It is highly recommended you do not borrow older gear or purchase it sight-unseen off the internet. Your personal gear is now part of your life support system and should be fitted by a dive professional and for divers learning for the first time, properly fitted and in good working order personal gear is vital to success. Cheap or used snorkeling gear simply will not do. We meet or beat internet pricing and offer a fit guarantee. 

Be sure to allow yourself enough time before class to complete the independent study or eLearning. It is several hours of study. 

Click here for the PADI medical questionnaire to make sure you have no "Yes" answers. If you do, you will need to print out the form and have a doctor sign you off before participating in any diving activities. If they are all "No" answers, you do not need to do anything. We will have a short form for you the day of class.